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The Revolution

The power of change is in the hands of individual, the level of misusing the the word “Provide Help and Get Help” is becoming alarming. Nowadays, people deliberately spend money on creating ponzi websites or groups using the word PH and GH in order to get revenge on what they have experienced on other ponzi activities.

A lot of Nigerians has fallen prey to so many ponzi websites that claim provide help and get help. Yet, people are willing to PH and GH sincerely and voluntarily but we want a sincere, transparent system and unselfish administrators, NOT the one with a ghost admin who will start merging or matching people with himself and his crew and run away later. (Some are base on revenge in order to recover their loss, DO ME, I DO YOU)

TRANSPARENCY: KCF is setup with open activities and opened forum discussion, where all members sees and witness the inflow and outflow of people PHing and GHing. NOT a system with back-end or backdoor where  ghost admins runs the operation as they wish or where users practice some bad tricks.

Money is not enough to spend this days no matter how hard and smart you work, we all need alternative source of income and ways to get help from those who have enough.

If you are interested in provide help and get help voluntarily as alternative means to grow the little you have, KCF is for you. You need to give what you have in order to see more coming in. One thing everybody needs in life to move on is happiness. When you get all you want, you will always be happy and you will be living very fine.

All fingers are not equal. Some people have money and wish to put it somewhere in order to keep yielding profit while some people dont even have at all. How do we make this happiness flow and circulate? This is why we created KCF for members to provide help to those who need and get help with reward.

Welcome to KCF System.