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How It Works

*Info: We recommend browsing KCF using PC,  Firefox, Chrome to enjoy the full features and UI.

KCF is not like other ponzi sites you have seen in the past, this is revolution.
You may be confused or find it difficult to understand and use effectively at first but gradually you will understand better. Browse the homepage to check record and see how other members use the system. Follow This Link To Understand How To Use KCF Effectively 

The term PH or PHer means; Provide help or help provider.
The term GH or GHer means; Get help or help receiver.
The term KCF means; Karma Cash Flow.

KCF is a mutual aid community transparently designed with below modus operandi:

NO backdoor or backend merging or matching members to PH and GH.
It’s transparent, we connects PHers to GHers with open log on front-end for all members to see. A Participant voluntarily provide help using the PH page, then KCF admin connects the PH participant to GH participant using a comment system on the PH pledged post.

NO ghost administrators
Administrators and moderators profile can be seen by other members to monitor.

NO % ROI generation from the system to members;
We do not operate on investment act, investment package profit or interest base act.

When you decide to provide help, you will be connected to who need help (who has provided help in the past).
When you provide help, you will earn 100 points as a reward of giving when the receiver confirms your PH.
The 100 points enable you get help of what you have given including 100% as a reward which other givers will PH to you for them to also earn points.

All PH and GH posts are moderated and published on the website to ensure transparency.

Referral bonus point is available for members;
To make the community grow and create more awareness, members can use referral link to refer other people to join the community and earn free point when the referral provide help to existing GHers. You earn 5 point per each referral who join the community through your referral link and provide help successfully.

Once you point accumulate to 100 point, you will be credit and be able to get help with it.

NO auto recycle or auto merging, matching or peering;
We do not operate on matrix, everything is done manually to ensure transparency and sincerity. We connect PHers with GHer sincerely and transparently, published on the website for record purpose.

Therefore, recycling is optional. No one should force you to reinvest your profit if you wish to grow your business and earn more money.

The minimum you can PH is ₦2,500 while the Maximum PH is ₦20,000
We maintain round figure amount to PH and GH because of the PH amount decided by participants for easy connection among PHers and GHers.

Since it’s member to member without remitting anything to KCF, how will KCF survive and sustain? KCF system survive on advert system and GH by admin for workmanship, KCF website maintenance, improvement and sustainability from time to time published for record purpose.

Whats the duration for GH to your bank account;
You can make your GH post request with your point immediately GHers confirmed your PH or when you earn 100 point with KCF affiliate / referral. We give you approximately 2 weeks to GH reward into your bank account base on the influx of PHers and first come first serve.

However, we do not control the desire of PHers. So, to be on a safe side, this is not under KCF administrators control, you should be able to GH to your bank account within 2 weeks duration, but it may be sooner or later, depend on the influx of PHers on the system which you can check the record and see for yourself.

As you can see, we are not dealing or operating on business or investment, profit or interest returns act. You provide help to people who need help willingly and voluntarily. These are the people like you who has provided help to others in the past, its vice versa. Its like sowing seed somewhere, which later germinate and yield good result for you.

Enough of falling prey to Ponzi scams. KCF is the revolution.

When anyone decided to provide help, you will be connected when its your turn sooner or later. Since everything is published on the website, you can also confirm it yourself.

What is my reward after PHing?
When you Provide Help, You shall receive help with 100%. For example; decide to provide help of ₦2,500 you will earn 100 points which 100% of your GH amount once the person you PH to confirm your PH.

You can request Get Help with the same amount including 100% as reward. That is ₦5,000. The 2,500 is the 100% of what you have given which is your reward.

Important NOTE: On KCF, all GH are Questions while all PH are Answers. When you GH, you are making a request in form of question as a post that needs answer. When someone PH to you, that is answer of which you receive in form of reply to your GH post. When you confirm it by clicking “confirm PH received” from your GH post, the PHer earns point.

Follow This Link To Understand How To Use KCF Effectively