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About KCF

What is KCF All About?

KCF means Karma Cash Flow,  an online mutual aid community which enables the flowing, circulation of cash and helps members grow in order for everyone to sustain their daily needs. We call it PH and GH Ponzi Revolution as to a complete change to the trending ponzi schemes that involved fraudulent investment operations on social media.

The word, “Provide Help (PH) and Get Help (GH)” has been misused by the so called ponzi schemes. This is why KCF came into place to revolutionize the PH and GH mutual aid system.

The Mission

The idea and the mission behind KCF is to create a trustworthy and reliable PH and GH scheme , eradicate lack of cash and increase the flow of money in our society. We want members to share in each others’ plight by rendering and receiving help from one another. It is a vice versa system. All fingers are not equal.  Life is give and take, after all it takes two to tango.

The Vision

Our vision is to find solution to problems financially. Having seen a lot of paid script website templates duplicate trending on social media all in the name of provide help and get help, a lot of Nigerians have fallen prey to this fraudulent act. We created KCF to be the solution to allow people provide help with love voluntarily and also to get help in return with the reward of giving based on the Law of Nature.

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